Digimon Adventure and Togetherness

Digimon Adventure is available on Hulu. Digimon Adventure Tri is available on Crunchyroll. Neither service has them both – aren’t streaming rights fun?

One of the worst things about anime is, funnily enough, also one of its greatest strengths: on a whole, the writing tends to wear its heart on its sleeve.

It enables everything from bombastic action-adventures to hyper-sappy melodramas to sitcoms that are very enthusiastically about hobbyist calligraphy. And, of course, this primes anime and manga to unapologetically embrace the bizarre. A key example: that flood of turn-of-the-millennium shows collectively summarized as “fighting monsters, but themed around this concept”. In theory, this sounds narrow and repetitive; in practice, this narrow subgenre was everywhere, and never really died out. (Not surprisingly, it’s also a signature trick of the crazy-popular Kamen Rider and Power Rangers/Super Sentai series).


As an aside: I’ll go to bat for Pokémon every single time as undisputed king of the monster-catching mountain, but it sure didn’t have the rootin-tootin frankfurter known as Hot Doggone-It.

Given that these series (and their merchandise) were laser-aimed at kids, they usually peddled some soft Aesop around “teamwork” or “friendship”. You’re not completing a collection, you see, you’re making all the friends. It’s a hokey thing to build a franchise on, to be sure. But I don’t believe that a single one of them executed on it half as well as the 1999 Digimon Adventure anime (surprising nobody who read the page title).

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