Final Fantasy and Identity

The Final Fantasy series is available across just about any console and meduim you could want. The Spirits Within is likely available from your library.

It always kind of astounds me whenever someone says that they’re a fan of the Final Fantasy series.

Not because any individual entry in the series is that bad. More because the series is so wildly inconsistent.

Usually people become fans of a series for very specific reasons that remain consistent. Pokémon delivers on creature-collecting and clear “A counters B” gameplay time after time. Marvel movies have a strong brand as banter-filled, four-act, continuity-feeding superhero movies. And while Final Fantasy started out that way, building itself as a Dungons-and-Dragons-derived high-fantasy series, it’s been toying with its own formula since the very beginning.

It’s an odd way to handle a property, especially one that famously saved your company from the brink of bankruptcy. Most creators are terrified to upend their golden geese; the aforementioned Pokémon and Marvel regularly draw flak for their unwillingness to change. But Final Fantasy runs so hard in the opposite direction that it feels like it should be a cautionary tale. At the least, I’d expect most folks to be exclusively fans of just one or two games in the series.

Yet there it is, persistently a top-selling franchise for three decades despite picking up and dropping its ideas like a bored toddler.

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