VA-11 Hall-A and Low Perspective

It’s hard for me to consume stories about war.

They always leverage it to say (or attempt to say) something important, and I deeply appreciate that. But for me, they’re simply too far removed from my own experience. I’m not and realistically never will be in the military, so the literal battlefield of a war is something I just can’t have an analog for. Even class warfare is a tricky business; I line up with what so much of the demographic that media has landed on as a “default”, making me deeply unqualified to comment on a civil-rights story like Detroit: Become Human told from the perspective of the oppressed.

This is, to be painfully clear, the first-worldliest of first-world problems, and I’m supremely lucky to have it. But it does result in a disconnect when, for example, I’m shown imagery of a man shot to death at Normandy, or when an eighth-grade history class spends weeks covering troop movements during a war that happened over a century ago. It directly impacted millions of people, certainly. But which general won what battle isn’t really the thing that informs how the vast majority of people lived, and continue to live, their day-to-day lives.

Enter VA-11 Hall-A

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One thought on “VA-11 Hall-A and Low Perspective

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