Mobile Suit Gundam and On-Ramps

Various series within the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise are available across different streaming platforms.

I thought I might get into Gunpla recently.

Editor’s Note: “Gunpla” is short for GUNdam PLAstic model kits. It’ll come up a lot.

Everybody seems to be picking up an extra hobby right now, after all, and model-kit-building has always struck me as a fun pastime. Sure, that entire scene looks like (and, my many accounts, is) a rabbit hole one might easily fall down and never emerge from. But model Gundam kits specifically feel like a nice, semi-contained pool to wade in, especially knowing that they typically don’t need all the painting and detailing work after assembly if you want to stop there. Why not get elbow-deep-but-no-deeper into some detail-oriented work, and have a nice little figure to show at the end of it?

So, where to start? I just pick one that looks cool, right? Sure, except my inner voice is nagging me: you know what’d help me really enjoy the activity? Having some context for that thing that I’m making. Sure, sounds reasonable enough.

Except when it immediately becomes a time trap.

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