Anime Production

Resources for Beej! Hosted here for convenience!

  • This Kotaku Article – A one-and-done, and gives you a step-by-step series of photos of the process start-to-finish of the “drawing/animating” portion of the process in a modern production. Little to no text explanation, but if you can learn visually and want a surface-level understanding/digest, this’ll do it in minutes.
  • The Canipa Effect – This can be topical (as YouTube often is), but pick a series that catches your eye and drill down. There’s a whole playlist of videos on the production process, but you might be interested in Ufotable even if you don’t recognize their shows, since they use a lot of digital tools to achieve the same lighting and coloring effects that you see in Restaurant to Another World (they also do the animated intro sequences for the Tales of… series games!)
  • Sakuga Blog – Also topical, and it may feel like drinking from the fire hose a lot of the time since the authors have been going at this topic deep and hard for years. However, they’re well-cited, link industry-specific terms to a shared glossary in-line and on the page, and pepper with plenty of examples from their own image & video repository. If you want to dig down on a title you already know, this is the place!
    My Geekery article on Sun & Moon was partially based on this one, which gives you some examples of how production has changed over time by virtue of following a 23-year-old series.
  • The following GIF, which shows how different characters are sketched on different cells, timed, put in layers, inked, colored, and then processed. It’s a neat little encapsulation of things, and with a bonus! You’ll probably recognize the character designer on this film (Maquia) as one Akihiko Yoshida.