Weekly Geekery

Things I’m Geeking Out About This Week:

  • Anime Iowa – I went to this one largely to spend a weekend with friends, but it’s always nice to see all the art/artists and other folk around. In particular there was a subtle focus on Vocaloid, with the artist behind one of my favorite tracks there as a guest (who was a lovely, down-to-earth person) and there being a mini-showcase on IA (which/who uses the voice of the fantastic Lia). Conventions themselves can be exhausting, but I feel inspired now to get out and be creative.
  • A Bride’s Story – This manga is so impressive, from the print quality (a hardcover manga!) to the lovely historical-fiction flavor (Central Asia feels like an under-utilized setting) and its charming focus on the day-to-day of its immediately-likable characters. Plus, it’s got the same fantastic eye for detail that has me enamored with Vinland Saga and Witch Hat Atelier. Great stuff!
  • Summer 2019 anime – Tried a bunch of pilots, including:
    • Vinland Saga, of which I’m a huge fan of the manga and I loved catching some of the breadcrumbs in the first three episodes this time. Very much appreciate re-watching this now that I have the context of later arcs, and looking forward to the intense action that Wit is so suited to.
    • O Maidens in Your Savage Season, which is cute and earnest in its approach to its subject matter. I am 100% in for whatever Mari Okada is putting out, and it’s a nice light breather show while still having some substance.
    • Fire Force, which is an absolute visual treat and has a great setting going for it. Shonen action plots don’t really grab me so much nowadays, but I’ll stick with this as long as those first two aspects stay strong.
    • Dumbbells, which is definitely still a dumb anime thing, but I appreciate that the script manages to treat the subject matter relatively honestly. It’s… fine?
    • Lord El-Melloi’s Case Files, which is weird; the writing is toeing a line between “clever” and “pretentious” a lot of the time, with light bits of action/comedy in there. I want to watch more since this is a spinoff featuring a character I like, but it’s hard to get a bead on.