Weekly Geekery

Things I’m Geeking Out About This Week:

  • The Outer Worlds – Finished this one off – the last third goes down really quickly! I can definitely see how this could play out entirely differently depending on the player, and I love that I could get through a lot of missions without firing a shot – albeit not all, and sometimes the game still makes violent assumptions. I feel happy enough with my path that I’m not drawn to do the campaign again, though, especially since it just hit that 30-hour sweet spot as I finished.
  • Ring Fit Adventure – This is probably going to be my exercise outlet for the next few months. It’s pushing me toward shorter sessions than I’m used to running for, but I’m covering more areas and getting worked up (and doing it daily so far), so it’s definitely serving its purpose!
  • Parasite – This movie has so much going on. Fantastic writing, acting, cinematography, all of it. It’s also just unsettling enough for coward-me to watch it (more thriller in its concept than its execution). Hard to put into words, but very very impressive!
  • Pokémon: I Choose You – This is “fluff” by comparison, but I like the idea of the series going back and doing a one-off, soft reboot of itself now that animation has gotten so much better and the world is more fleshed-out. The Pokémon anime has been trying to break its old habits in a bunch of ways in the last few years, and that’s pretty apparent when they apply those changes backwards and update old material.
  • Check Please – I really wanted to like comic a lot more – the story pitch sounds great on paper and all the characters are lovable in different ways, but in practice the story kind of presented conflicts and then skipped past them without digging in. To some extent, I get that situations don’t always have a hard resolution and we just kind of live with them, but when done repeatedly, it just doesn’t feel like as satisfying of a read to me.